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1800 by John St.Patrick ft B-moe
Added: 30th August 2014
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Hear the Ashbory
Added: 29th August 2014
Posted By: mobaid
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The Ashbory in general sounds very similar to an upright bass. It has a wider variety of sounds than an upright though, and with the right technique, there's some analog synth-esque sounds to be had. The Ashbory has an extra cool "mwah" sound when sliding up the neck as well.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Part 1
Added: 28th August 2014
Posted By: dalston
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Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad Part 1

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Can't Hide Love medley
Added: 26th August 2014
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A lil footage of me singing at Onix in downtown Memphis

Me she waan
Added: 25th August 2014
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Loyal Remix by budz the thugs

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CA Whiteboard Video
Added: 9th August 2014
Posted By: dalston
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Competing Artists Whiteboard Video

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Windy Mobility
Added: 30th July 2014
Posted By: mobaid
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Windy 50s Mobility Scooter Race

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Added: 30th July 2014
Posted By: Shawn_88
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I wrote this song because I grew up fighting a lot. I'm grown now and I have responsibility, but it's hard for me to react the mature way because I'm use to just hitting people that say crazy things to me.... I've been praying and I'm a lot more patient, but I was...

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Added: 24th July 2014
Posted By: Kia_Jenee
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Just starting my day.. Hope this makes someone smile! :)

Added: 21st July 2014
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Rufus Wainwright Cover

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Chaka Khan - Tell me something good (Rehearsals)
Added: 19th July 2014
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Distinctive Lashes Video 2
Added: 19th July 2014
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Distinctive Lashes Video

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