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Jerry & Lynne Bobo Triggerman
Added: 29th November 2012
Posted By: drjerrybobo
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Jerry & Lynne Bobo - Triggerman

Tags: Jerry Bobo, Lynne Bobo, Freshstart, Triggerman
rich as @#$% remix/ giving it up
Added: 11th July 2013
Posted By: Klever
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christian hiphop

Tags: gospel rap
Dont Worry About Mine
Added: 9th April 2011
Posted By: J-Mello
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Slide Show Video

Tags: Dont worry about mine
Added: 5th September 2014
Posted By: arihotep
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Flexin On Beach
Added: 6th December 2012
Posted By: Maurice
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Flexin On Beach

Tags: Flexin On Beach
please dont blow my high
Added: 14th July 2014
Posted By: nutnbutwhiteice
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redoing the kendrick lamar beat

Tags: rap
House Music
Added: 29th January 2015
Posted By: kmmr12
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Instrmental House Music

Tags: House Music, EDM
Lonely Nights
Added: 21st January 2011
Posted By: DoeBoyFresh
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I switched this one up a lil bit in order to showcase my versatility.

Tags: Beats, Tracks
Angel (Anita Baker Cover)
Added: 6th May 2013
Posted By: adthadiva
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Adthadiva - Angel (Anita Baker Cover)

Tags: adthadiva, Angel, Anita Baker, Singer, Arlington, TX,
Added: 4th March 2011
Posted By: domoe23
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We murda any beat!

Tags: Mic f n A1
my lady
Added: 1st January 2013
Posted By: macmuzic
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Tags: R/B RAP
In This Life
Added: 19th September 2011
Posted By: tex
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Off the Forever Freshman mixtape

Tags: hip hop, rap, tex