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Prototype/ Say Yes
Added: 21st February 2013
Posted By:
Views: 385
Comments: 18

Shenea sings Prototype by Outkast and Say Yes by Floetry!

Tags: Sheneamusic, Shenea Weathington, Prototype, Outkast, Singer, Memphis, TN, Jasmine Sullivan,
We All Try (Frank Ocean
Added: 22nd July 2013
Posted By:
Views: 338
Comments: 20

SheneaMusic - We All Try (Frank Ocean)

Tags: SheneaMusic, Shenea Weathington, We All Try, Frank Ocean, Singer, Memphis, TN
Ex Factor (Lauryn Hill Cover)
Added: 5th October 2012
Posted By:
Views: 504
Comments: 25

Shenea Weathington - Ex Factor (Lauryn Hill Cover)

Tags: Shenea Music, Shenea Weathington, Lauryn Hill, Ex Factor, Singer, Memphis, TN
Refill (Elle Varner Cover)
Added: 16th October 2012
Posted By:
Views: 450
Comments: 34

Shenea performs - Refill (Elle Varner Cover)

Tags: Shenea, Shenea Weathington, Refill, Elle Varner, Memphis, TN, Singer, R & B, Neo Soul
The Way (Jill Scott Cover)
Added: 16th October 2012
Posted By:
Views: 436
Comments: 18

Shenea performs - The Way (Jill Scott Cover)

Tags: Shenea, Shenea Weathington, The Way,Jill Scott, Singer, R & b, Neo Soul, Memphis, TN
Tonight-Shenea (producer: Doeboyfresh)
Added: 15th October 2012
Posted By:
Views: 639
Comments: 20

Produced by: Doeboyfresh Tonight - Shenea Song written by Shenea Weathington

Tags: Doeboyfresh, Shenea Weathington, Tonight, Singer, R & b, Neo Soul, producer, Memphis, TN, Atoka, TN
If I Had My Way
Added: 26th October 2012
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Views: 499
Comments: 19

me singing a song by Chrisette Michelle

Tags: Shenea, Music, Memphis Tn, Chrisette Michelle
Emotional Rollercoaster - Vivian Green (Cover)
Added: 18th November 2012
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Views: 460
Comments: 22

Emotional Rollercoaster - Vivian Green Cover

Tags: Shenea Weathington, Sheneamusic, Emotional Rollercoaster, Vivian Green, Memphis, TN, Singer, R & B, Neo Soul,
I Can't Live With You
Added: 6th December 2012
Posted By:
Views: 305
Comments: 19

Shenea Weathington - I Can't Without You (original song from album Introducing...Shenea

Tags: Shenea Weathingon, Sheneamusic, I can't live without you, singer, r & b, neo soul, Memphis, TN
Competing Artists  Commercial
Added: 9th December 2012
Posted By:
Views: 472
Comments: 13

Travis Malone produces commercial for Competing Artists. Contact Travis Malone for your graphic design, photography, and videography needs 901-647-0499

Tags: Travis Malone, Travmalone, Competing Artists, Dwight Alston, Christopher Cooper, Shenea Weathington, Porcelan Chalet, Lashonte, Tasha, Money